Training Testimonials

Ken A. - Tucson, AZ

"I just finished Aspen Claims Complete Adjuster Training. What an amazing course taught by a very knowledgeable and “cool” instructor, Brent Lanier. I wanted to express my thanks for the opportunity to attend this course, meet new people and learn new, career changing information. This was a great investment for me and this course was worth it! I highly recommend this course and this company for anyone wanting to enter the world of insurance adjusting."

Russell D. - San Antonio, TX

"As an adjuster, I have found that the keys to success begins with knowledge. Because each and every claim is different, and given the ever evolving nature of the claims handling industry, it has become imperative to understand as many aspects of this industry as possible. In order to do so, I found myself repeatedly turning to the personnel of Aspen Claims Service in order to provide the level of professional service that I believe is necessary to be a success. As an adjuster who has worked for several other claim service, it has been my expertise that the depth of academic and practical knowledge demonstrated by Aspen Claims Service personnel, has been unparalleled. Be it with respect to a state specific issue, or the application of a general adjusting principle, I have been impressed with the degree of commitment exhibited by Aspen Claims Service personnel to ensure I have the most current information needed to perform my job as a professional. As a field adjuster, I realized that many times I was the only “face” that the Insured may have to put on their insurance company. Therefore, it is important for me to strive to instill confidence in the Insured that I know what I'm doing. This is largely in part due to Aspen Claims Service, for which I would like to say “Thank You”. None of us will ever know every aspect of this industry, however there is no claim that is unmanageable or irresolvable. A solution can always be reached, one step at a time... and for me one of those integral steps is and has been Aspen Claims Service's support of its adjusters through its training processes."

Curt W. - Box Elder, SD

"Aspen Claims is committed to developing highly successful field adjusters. I received my Texas license in August of 2013. I immediately started working for Aspen Claims without any experience in claims adjusting.  Aspen took me under their wing and trained me in all phases of claims adjusting. I participated in numerous “ride-alongs” with a seasoned adjuster to learn how to scope a property and how to process a claim. Aspen made sure I had continual access to a claims manager and a senior claims manager to ask questions while on site at a risk location and while writing/processing claims. In less than six months I’ve completed over 100 claims. I am now experienced in residential, commercial, agricultural (barns and grain storage bins) claims and have experience in hail, water, wind, fire, arson and vandalism claims. My successful start in a claims adjusting career is largely due to the commitment Aspen Claims has to build the best claims adjusters through proper training."