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Tips for getting winter storm prepared

With winter storms popping up in parts of Wyoming and Colorado as early as September, ensuring you are prepared for hazardous winter weather is imperative. While the prospect of a snow day may seem attractive, winter storms can wreak havoc on homes, power lines, roads, and more. These storms can also cause costly repairs and…

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Hail damage claims

Hail storms can cause damage in several different ways. In some cases, hail does not lead to much damage, but in other cases, hail can be destructive. Since hail storms can happen during certain circumstances during thunderstorms, it is important to know what to do ahead of time. This way, you can execute your plan…

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What First Time Homeowners Need to Know About Property Insurance

As summer begins, the market for buying houses is steadily increasing with the warmer weather. Many people are looking to buy for the first time – a feat which can be daunting and overwhelming. There are lots of moving parts and sometimes it can be difficult to keep track of everything. However, attaining insurance on…

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Submitting claims as a small business owner

As a small business owner, things can be a dream…but it can also be overwhelming. There can be many decisions that you will have to take, like when and how to learn how to franchise your business easily. Every decision you make can impact your profits and the success of your business.When it comes to…

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The four claims new adjusters should know about

Are you a new claim adjuster? Having just entered the industry? There are many different types of claims you may encounter, and it’s important to be experienced in each type of claim to give your customer the best type of service available. While different parts of the country vary in what claims they see often,…

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Hail damage and property claims: What you need to know

Spring and summer storms are upon us, and you might have been experience the tumultuous weather and wondering, when do I submit a claim? Do I have property damage which is available via I Buy Pueblo Houses? Hail storms can cause more damage than you would think, particularly to your roof. In this case, it…

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What to do if your storm insurance claim has been denied

Storm season is here once again, and once a dangerous storm hits your area you’ll need to file a claim with your insurance company if there is any damage to report. In many circumstances, claims will be approved. However, there are instances where your insurance company may come back only covering parts or your claim,…

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Why purchasing Denver property insurance is important

Your home is not only an investment, but it’s the place you will grow and develop – maybe even raise kids. Not only is your home valuable, but the objects in it are valuable and often times priceless. When it comes to securing some of your most valued items, such as your home, it is…

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How to process a Denver home insurance claim

No matter how careful you are, car accidents can strike at any time. Do you wonder what’s next after a dui? It is an accident most of the time. While most of the time the insurance process can go smoothly, there are a few roadblocks that can make insurance claims a little bit difficult. We’ve…

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What are Insurance Claim Adjusters?

When an accident occurs, from car to personal injury, an insurance claim is filed on behalf of the victim. To find the right amount of money that the insurance company will pay, there needs to be a third party to help find this amount. Learn who insurance claims adjusters are, the importance of their role…

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