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Developing Relationships with Insurance Adjusters for Your Business

Whether you have a growing insurance company or are looking to build your team, it is important to develop relationships with your insurance adjusters. When you build your team to be strong and connected, you will provide a better experience to your customers. Learn about the benefits of using additional support at your company, how to make the transition, and expanding your company nationwide.

Benefits of Using Additional Support

Is your insurance company growing? Or have you experienced an event in your area that has lead to an increase volume at your business? You need to make sure you are reaching customers quickly and addressing their claims. This is where a claims service will assist.

A claims service will provide adjusters for a variety of situations for both residential and commercial settings. In fact, there are services available around the clock, seven days a week, to work through any problem. Some of the most popular include:

Making the Transition

When you make the decision to have a claims service assist your insurance company, there will be a time of transition. Luckily for you, when choosing a service with licensed adjusters, they can jump right in.

During their onboarding, educate them on your business. This includes practices, values, and anything they need when working with your customers. From there, make sure they know the expectations of the job. This includes deadlines, writing any estimates with detailed information, and any of their licensing information.

Expanding Nationwide

Another benefit of hiring additional insurance adjusting assistance is for expanding into other states. Depending how far you plan to grow, you may enter into territory you are not familiar with. For instance, if you are in the Midwest and expand to the west coast, you can hire adjusters experienced with the risks of the area. This will streamline claims, and your customers will be happy working with someone understanding of their situation. It is also beneficial to have people close by to any devastation to quickly assist and turn around the appropriate information.

Noted in the Claims Journal’s “Outsourcing Claims Functions,” requesting additional assistance is not new. It has helped to cut costs. In fact, many solely use adjusters to save. Regardless, as your company expands, the additional assistance is necessary for your success. You can grow your demand throughout an area or nationwide, with the ability to control the amount of volume of claims coming in.

As you grow your business, or look for quality assistance for your claims, Aspen Claims Service is your go-to, trusted source. Serving the continental United States, we have agents available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to handle any claim for your company. From severe weather issues to fires, we have experts to help you manage and provide great customer service. We use FileTrac™, TruReview™, ReScope™ and ProEd™ technologies for efficiency and accuracy. Learn more about them and more by reading why The Aspen Difference matters. See how we can help your business by calling 888-819-5904.

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