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5 Benefits of Using Independent Adjusters Across Large Remote Regions

When a policyholder experiences a loss, they submit a claim to their insurance carrier. The insurance company will settle the claim according to the primary obligations as stipulated in the insurance contract. However, the insurance company must do due diligence before the settlement to avoid paying claims that are fraudulent in nature or fall outside the policy’s coverage. Unfortunately, the process is inconvenient, particularly for insurance companies that manage large remote regions. Having in-house claims adjusters in these areas is expensive and time-consuming. Enter independent adjusters.

Insurance companies can outsource adjusters, and the independent adjuster will investigate insurance claims on behalf of your company to establish the extent of the insurer’s liability.

Let’s look at five benefits you can enjoy by using independent adjusters in managing large remote regions.

1. Reduced Costs in Remote Regions

Accessing large areas across remote regions can be expensive. An insurance company has to bear with the travel costs and a lot of delays before accessing the scene. Besides, having a claims adjuster in these areas means additional costs on the payroll.

But with independent adjusters, an insurance carrier can save a lot on workers’ compensation costs, payroll, paid time off (PTO), and benefit expenditures. The insurance company also will not incur training costs as would be the case when hiring new employees to become adjusters.

2. Increased Accessibility

Insurance companies today have clients across the country and often around the world. When property damage or a loss occurs, the insurer needs to reach the scene quickly. But delays can be experienced when accessing remote areas. It’s also impossible for insurance companies to have their adjusters everywhere business is done.

But through outsourcing, an insurance company can access numerous highly skilled professionals in many different locations. Wherever a claim takes place, an insurance carrier can utilize a reputable independent adjuster and get some of the best claim adjusters in the industry.

3. Experienced and Reliable Partner

When insurance companies outsource independent adjusters, they work with some of the most experienced professionals in the industry. They have handled different claims and can use their deep expertise to ensure a great presentation of an insurance company. An insurer can trust leaving the settlement process to a reliable partner and feel well represented even if the claim took place in a remote area.

4. Advocacy

Insurance companies have no or limited presence in terms of field offices or local representatives in a large remote region. Fortunately, an independent adjuster works as the point of contact for insurance carriers during the claim process and bargains the final settlement with the claimant on behalf of the insurance company.

Therefore, a company can count on having an advocate they can rely on, especially in remote regions. A knowledgeable and experienced claims adjuster always protects the contractual rights of the insurance carrier and simultaneously determines a fair settlement for the involved parties.

Evaluating whether a loss or property damage is covered under the policy is one of the critical duties of an independent adjuster. After establishing the coverage, the independent adjuster carries out the adjustment process keeping the insurance company’s bests interests in mind.

5. Saves Time

Getting in-house adjusters to access remote regions when a claim takes place is a time-consuming task. It takes the insurance carrier more time and effort before settlement. Outsourcing an independent adjuster allows an insurer to concentrate on other issues as the settlement process with their policyholder in a remote area continues.

Learn More About Using Independent Adjusters Across Large Remote Regions

Independent claims adjusters in many countries, including the US, are reliable and experienced professionals, and you don’t need to lose your sleepover the settlement process.  

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