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Insurance Claim Adjuster 101 – from your Denver claims specialists

So you’ve made a claim through your insurance…now what? For the most part, your next step will be dealing with an insurance claim adjuster. While this sounds like someone who will be intimidating and difficult for you to work with, we promise it is not as bad as you’d think! We have put together our Insurance Claim Adjuster 101 Guide, your go-to source for information. 

The Basics
There are a few things you should know, before we offer tips on how to handle an insurance claim adjuster. The first is that there are three types of insurance claim adjusters: 
Staff: Staff adjusters are those who work exclusively for one insurance company, think of those who work for State Farm or All State. 
Independent: Independent adjusters are just as it sounds, independent. These types of adjusters are more like contractors, they will work for multiple insurance companies as a third-party.
Public: Public adjusters work with policyholders to help work through these processes. 

What Do They Do
Insurance claim adjusters are the investigators of the insurance industry – they will work to find out what happened, who is at fault, as well as what is a fair settlement. Insurance adjusters will work through gathering photos, documents, police reports, etc. – really anything that will work help to determine what truly happened. This is why taking photos and thorough documentation immediately after the car accident is so important. 

Our Tips
After an accident, and after it’s been reported to the insurance companies, you’ll hear from an insurance claim adjuster. When you work through this process, we recommend the following:
Don’t let pushy adjusters get to you – adjusters are trying to get the claim filed, push through, and resolved as soon as possible 
On the same note, if an adjuster requests that you sign a medical release, be aware and cautious. If you have any intention to file a legal claim, do not sign this release and consult with your injury lawyer first. 
Keep open lines of communication – be honest and be willing to discuss things openly and honestly.
When handling repairs, make sure that you work with the insurance adjuster as well. Some insurance companies have preferred vendors they work through. 

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