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Looking for a Career Move? Learn what Claims Adjusters Do and See If It’s Right for You

When looking for the right career path for you, or exploring a change, consider a career as a claims adjuster. Claims adjusters are the key people needed when it comes to investigating insurance claims. There are many benefits and flexibility to this career choice. Learn what a claims adjuster does, what the job entails and the education needed to explore this field.

What is a Claims Adjuster?

A claims adjuster is the person responsible for working with an insurance company on the claim. This person will review the claim in full to investigate the issue. From there, based on the evidence that is found, they will submit the amount of money that the insurance company is liable for. When investigating various claims, this person will review all records, talk to the person making the claim and any witnesses as well as look at police statements, pictures of damage and so much more. The more details the better for this job to give the adjuster as much information as possible to finalize the claim and send it back to the insurance company. One of the many areas you can go to in this field is as an independent adjuster that works with many different insurance companies as a third party.

Job Details

As mentioned, an adjuster is responsible for assessing damage that a claim was submitted to an insurance company for. This person combs through all evidence, from photos and video to audio and reports. They will also talk to anyone involved with an accident or property damage claim to help them assess the situation. After all of this work is done, they can put together the amount that helps an insurance company will provide towards a claim. Those who want to take this career path need a sense of detail. They need to be able to comb through paperwork, pictures, etc. and pick up key details. Those who want to be a claims adjuster should also have people skills as you may need to reach out to a variety of people to discuss a claim. Last, there is some math involved to come up with the amount of damage that has occurred. This job may require certain travel to go to various sites to assess damage too.

Education and Job Outlook

At minimum, some adjusters can get a job with a G.E.D. or high school diploma and become an entry level adjuster. To excel or advance in this field, additional education can be acquired, such as a bachelor’s degree. Overall, this profession is on the rise. For more information on this field of work, visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics “Claims Adjusters, Appraisers, Examiners and Investigators.”

Are you looking to advance your career and become a claims adjuster? Experience the Aspen Claims difference! We are a dynamic and growing company with fulfilling careers. We look to identify and qualify adjusters to meet the growing demand of the market. Be sure to fill out your contact information to be considered as an adjuster on our team. Have questions or would like to learn more about our services? Give us a call at 888-819-5904.

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