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What You Need to Know About Earthquake Property Claims

Earthquakes strike at a moment’s notice, not giving much time at all to do anything other than evacuate. Once the thread is over, a property owner has to assess their damage. It is a stressful time, making it important for insurance companies to help throughout the process. Learn about earthquake statistics in the United States, tips to help your insurance company manage claims, and when you may need to call in additional adjusters to assist with property claims.

Earthquake Overview

An earthquake can occur when the earth has two tectonic plates that slide pass or break apart from each other, causing the ground to shake. The science of earthquakes can be quite fascinating, however, they can cause must destruction depending on their magnitude. To measure the magnitude, the Richter Scale is used.

The Richter Scale ranges from one to 10, with 10 being the highest and most destructive. Once an earthquake is over, there is still the chance for aftershocks, which is an earthquake with a lower magnitude. In addition, if an earthquake happens in the ocean, it can create incredibly large waves, tsunamis, that can be destructive and dangerous.


To date, one of the world’s highest recorded earthquakes was a 9.5 magnitude in Chile. The largest recorded in America was a 9.2 magnitude quake in Anchorage, Alaska in 1964. The west coast sees the most in earthquake activity as it has close proximity to a seismic belt. However, they can strike wherever. There are fault lines in the Midwest, especially Oklahoma, and southeast coast of the country increasing the chances for an earthquake to occur.

Tips for Your Company to Manage Claims

The customers you serve may be in an area where earthquakes are more likely to happen. Once an incident occurs, adjusters will go out to assess the damage. Each event is unique, as is everyone’s insurance plan. It is important to pay close attention to your clients plan to ensure you use their coverage. There are many home or property owners that do not have insurance the protects them again earthquakes, so no matter what the case, it is best to be forward with them in a caring manner.

Calling in For Adjusters

If an earthquake causes total destruction to an area, it can really cause a spike in your business. With these home and property owners still getting over the shock of the quake, and processing damage, it is important to provide great service. You do not want your customers to have to wait extended periods of time to start their claim. If this is the case, make sure you take advantage of remote adjusters. They can handle the excess work and evaluate claims.

Do you have, or think you will have increased workflow? How to get assistance with insurance claims is important—which is why you can trust the experts at Aspen Claims Service. Our team of nationwide claims adjusters is available throughout the contiguous United States, specializing in daily and catastrophe claims. Contact us now to get us in your system at 888-819-5904 today to get started.

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