How an Independent Insurance Adjuster Can Help Streamline Multiple Claims After a Major Weather Event

The number of insurance claims tends to increase with more bad weather events, and insurance companies receive multiple claims when there is a lot of bad weather or after a catastrophic weather event. Unfortunately, more claims outside the predicted business schedule can be overwhelming to an insurance carrier.

For this reason, it might be wise to outsource independent insurance adjusters to help speed up the process of handling multiple claims. An independent adjusting firm investigates and settles claims submitted to an insurance company by a claimant or an insured. They come in handy, especially when an insurance carrier is overloaded with claims, oftentimes after a major weather event.  

Here’s how an independent insurance adjuster can help you streamline multiple claims after a major weather event.

1. Quick Adjudication and Disbursement After a Major Weather Event

The reputation of any insurer relies a lot on how quickly and efficiently they can settle claims. Immediately after a major weather event, the volumes of submitted claims run into the hundreds or thousands. Taking up the activity in-house leaves no room for insurance companies to focus on its activities. But even worse, it takes a lot of time before each claim can be settled.

Outsourcing independent insurance adjusters facilitate quick adjudication and disbursement. Adjusting firms have the infrastructure to adjudicate and settle claims fast regardless of the complexity of the claim.

2. Assessing Complex Claims Eligibility

Evaluating complex claims eligibility after a major weather event is a huge field that can distract insurers. It requires the identification and the solving of sophisticated issues to establish the authenticity of the claims. Besides, settlement in such cases requires adherence to many statutory and legal requirements. Independent insurance adjusters have adequate capacity and resources to evaluate complex claims on your behalf.

Additionally, independent adjusting firms, like Aspen Claims Service may have a data analytics solution that can draw data from all platforms and give an overall block view. The analytics can evaluate the value of the claims or establish probabilities, thus help provide meaningful risk insights to an insurance company.

3. Handle Multiple Claims Cost-Effectively

Multiple claims administration calls for huge investment in infrastructure. An insurance company needs to set up complex systems and recruit manpower to handle the magnitude. The two consume money and time since the employees may require further training.

Fortunately, an insurance company that works with independent adjusters won’t incur huge investments in setting up an entire claims department. It is less expensive to outsource claim processing services than expanding your claims department. It also offers flexibility to supplement your current workforce as the company receives more claims.

Furthermore, insurance companies can instead use the funds in formulating optimum-priced insurance packages making an insurer more lucrative and attractive to customers.

4. Managing Multiple Systems

When multiple claims arise following a catastrophic weather event, insurance companies would need to use multiple systems. However, it can be hard to compare programs, handle financial risks, and measure results.

While a company can unify the administration on a single platform, it is expensive to get there. An insurer may also encounter conversion risk and lack operational preparedness on a new platform. Fortunately, it is faster and simpler to get up and running with an independent insurance adjuster.

An independent adjusting firm offers comprehensive KPIs and quality assurance metrics cost-effectively. Therefore, it becomes easier to handle multiple insurance claims while providing data modeling for risk assessments, profitability assessments, and faster decision-making.

5. Other Administrative Tasks Can Continue

Outsourcing independent adjusters can help reduce work pressure that results from a sudden spike in insurance claims. Typically, other back-office tasks such as devising new policy schemes and selling them are critical in the insurance sector. Besides, the insurance company must maintain high customer service standards, and all these would be diluted when all the attention goes to data processing, administrative functions, and claims management.

Independent insurance adjusters oversee the claiming processing, thus allowing other fundamental activities to continue running smoothly.

What We Do After a Major Weather Event

Nothing can overwhelm your team than claims following a major weather event. Luckily, we can step in and help you with the overflow. 

At Aspen Claims Service, we have experienced claim adjusters to help you with daily claims, catastrophe claims, inspection, underwriting, and other services throughout the United States.

We are known for fast turnaround times, state-of-the-art technology, and outstanding customer service that will leave your policyholders 100% satisfied. 

Reach out to us for more information or give us a call at 888-819-5904.  

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