Large Loss


When you need the assistance of a large loss adjusting company, experience matters. Due to the large scale of property damage associated with these claims, it’s crucial that they’re managed properly every step of the way. At Aspen Claims Service, we have you covered for all matters associated with a large loss.

Our adjusters have extensive experience handling large losses, and this background sets your team up for success when navigating the tremendous scope of these claims. When you work with Aspen Claims Service, you can count on a dedicated partner who will always deliver reliable, high-quality services throughout every stage of the claims process. Nothing is more rewarding to us than making your job easier and increasing your policyholder satisfaction.

Complex Claims Require Versatile Solutions

Large loss claims are significantly more complex than other property claim matters. They require the coordination of a variety of experts to ensure the magnitude of damage is properly assessed. Due to the high cost of these claims, it’s crucial that you work with an adjusting partner who can ensure everything is taken into account when the estimate is written.

We understand that your policyholders are counting on you to indemnify them as quickly as possible. On residential large loss claims, homeowners are truly displaced and their lives have been uprooted. When commercial properties experience widespread damage, businesses may be unable to operate, putting their long-term success in peril. At Aspen Claims Service, we’re sensitive to the high stakes associated with these claims, and we’re committed to helping you resolve these matters in a way that provides the highest levels of policyholder satisfaction.

Reduce the Stress

Our team of highly qualified, licensed adjusters will work with you throughout every stage of the claims process to ensure it is handled properly. We’re here to help reduce the stress experienced by your team and your policyholders. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your claim is being handled by a reliable partner with a commitment to proactive, timely communication.


Experienced Large Loss Claims Adjusters

At Aspen Claims Service, we have experience handling residential and commercial large loss insurance claims stemming from a wide range of circumstances. Our nationwide team of claims adjusters is available at a moment’s notice, and we handle claims throughout the lower 48 states in both rural and urban areas. We have you covered for all of your large loss needs.

When you work with Aspen Claims Service, you’ll benefit from a dedicated partner who understands the unique issues associated with large loss insurance claims. Our goal is to provide you with consistent, reliable service that increases your success and improves policyholder satisfaction. To accomplish these goals, we’ll:

  • Work closely with you to develop a plan of action that meets the needs of your policyholders
  • Make sure the adjuster assigned to the claim meets your criteria
  • Review any Law & Ordinance/Code Upgrade issues that may need to be addressed as part of the claim
  • Provide detailed documentation of all damage at the loss location and deliver a detailed report to ensure our estimate accurately reflects the scope of the claim
  • Provide a dedicated resource for your policyholders to ensure their needs are met throughout every stage of the claims process

The Aspen Claims Service Difference

At Aspen Claims Service, we don’t measure success by the number of claims we handle. We measure it by the quality of work we produce, the experience we provide to our dedicated partners and the satisfaction of their policyholders. We don’t pay lip service to the term quality; we live it each and every time we accept a claim.

Your policyholders are counting on you to make them whole after a devastating loss. They deserve the best from everyone involved in the process. Aspen Claims Service is focused on setting you up to serve the needs of your policyholders to the best of your ability.

We’re the only national claims adjusting firm in the industry that provides an exclusive Claims Plus Approach™ focused on improving your policyholder satisfaction levels. As part of this approach, we guarantee:

  • Nationwide claims adjuster availability at a moment’s notice
  • Highly qualified, licensed claims adjusters committed to achieving exceptional levels of policyholder satisfaction
  • Faster claims reporting turnaround times
  • Proactive communications directly with the policyholder and with our carrier partners
  • Strict claims service delivery deadlines
  • Confirmation of service appointments and notifications when all services have been completed
  • Professional, courteous service that is an extension of your brand and places the needs of your policyholders first
  • Customized solutions that integrate with your systems

You’ll also benefit from:

  • Our Service Innovation Session™ – Our unique client engagement experience that facilitates collaborative and innovative solutions that will exceed your policyholder’s expectations.
  • Our Proprietary Software – Our software will integrate with most systems and manages the process in a smooth, efficient manner. You’ll receive our detailed reports and recommendations promptly, enabling you to move forward with the claim as quickly and accurately as possible and improve policyholder satisfaction levels in the process.

Give your policyholders the experience they deserve. At Aspen Claims Service, we’re the dedicated partner you need to get the job done right every time.

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