Ladder Assist


Ladder assist services are often an important part of the claims process. When you need to access a very steep roof or a multi-story roof, it may require special gear and some technical expertise. At Aspen Claims Service, we have the ability to handle the most challenging roof inspections.

Our sister company, Ladder Works, provides comprehensive ladder assist services nationwide. If you need help with a challenging roof inspection, we have you covered.

Comprehensive Ladder Assist Services

Every claim is unique, and we have the ability to deliver the specific services required for any job you may have. Ladder Works offers a variety of service options to accommodate just about every situation:

  • Ladder Assist Plus – Would you feel more comfortable if a trained professional did the heavy lifting for you? We have you covered. With our Ladder Assist Plus option, one of our ladder rep professionals will go up on the roof and complete the inspection for you. We’ll then deliver a comprehensive report with all the information you need to settle the claim.
  • SoloScope™ – Our full-service option is designed to ensure your loss is scoped at a moment’s notice. One of our licensed claims adjusters will be dispatched to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the damage for you. Based on the specifics of the claim, this can involve the interior, exterior or both. You’ll receive detailed photo documentation and a comprehensive report containing our recommendations for repair. SoloScope™ provides an affordable, efficient and timely way to evaluate your policyholder’s loss.

The Ladder Works

At Ladder Works, we’re your dedicated partner in the claims process. Our team is committed to helping you do your job to the best of your ability in order to increase policyholder satisfaction. We deliver this commitment through our exclusive Ladder Trak™ system and Ladder Works Reliability Promise™.

Our Ladder Trak™ system helps us maintain exceptional service throughout the entire process by:

  • Providing access to more locations
  • Offering multiple service options to address the unique needs of your claim
  • Ensuring all our ladder reps and claims adjusters have the training necessary to deliver accurate results
  • Providing proactive communications throughout every step of the claims process, including confirmations of scheduled appointments and all services rendered

We created our Ladder Works Reliability Promise™ to fulfill our commitment to providing you with unparalleled levels of excellence. This promise includes:

  • Prompt responses to inquiries
  • Location notifications
  • Service delivery confirmations
  • Proactive communications

At Ladder Works, we understand the importance of providing reliable, high quality service. We’re honored to be your dedicated partner. Our primary goal is to make your job easier so that your policyholders have the best possible experience. We’re your go-to service provider for any ladder assist job you have.

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Experience the difference that comes from working with an industry leader. Please visit our Ladder Works website at to learn more about our services. Contact us today at 888.819.1899 or We serve clients nationwide.