Helping Others to Thrive


At Aspen Claims Service, we understand that you have a responsibility to your policyholders. Even in times of high volume, you must serve each customer and address their varying needs to the highest level possible. Each one of those policyholders is experiencing difficult times, and they are counting on you to help restore some degree of normalcy in their lives.

Our purpose is to enjoy the satisfaction of helping others. Our values stem directly from that purpose and are at the center of everything we do:

  • We Shine Passion – we continuously are moving forward, innovating, and improving
  • We Embrace Excellence – in what we do; we do well
  • We Live Integrity – we are honest, ethical, and genuine
  • We Own It – we are accountable; we do what it takes to exceed expectations

It is from these values that our exclusive Claims Plus Approach™ was born. This approach is our guarantee of higher policyholder satisfaction levels, and it focuses on providing you with the proactive communications and faster reporting turnaround times necessary to do your job to the best of your ability.

Service Innovation Session™

Our core values have also inspired us to develop our unique Service Innovation Session™ which fosters a collaborative process designed to elevate your policyholder satisfaction levels. At the start of the claims process, we’ll work with you to identify any potential challenges and generate the most effective solutions to ensure your needs and the needs of your policyholders are met every step of the way.

Aspen Claims Service is here to give your policyholders the experience they deserve, while ensuring you have a dedicated partner to help handle whatever gets thrown your way. We want to help make your job easier – enabling you to thrive.

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