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At Aspen Claims Service, we enjoy the satisfaction of helping others. This mission drives everything we do, and it continuously keeps us striving to establish new standards of excellence in claims adjusting. When we’re able to make your life easier and provide a great experience for your policyholders, we consider it a job well done.

To accomplish this goal, we’ve developed our exclusive Claims Plus Approach™ focused on improving the satisfaction levels of you and your policyholders. We’re the only national claims adjusting firm to offer this approach, and it is one of the primary reasons we’ve become the dedicated partner for many leading insurance companies. We understand the responsibility you have to your policyholders, and we’re committed to making sure they are pleased with their service throughout every step of the claims lifecycle.

With reporting turnaround times of 7 days or less, collaborative Service Innovation Sessions™ that help us to serve you better, and clearly defined policyholder claims experience guidelines that establish an extremely high standard, we’re continuously working to deliver the exceptional claims adjusting services you count on from a dedicated partner.

Faster Claims Lifecycle Table

Independent Insurance Adjuster

As an independent insurance adjuster, we represent you and your company. We take that responsibility very seriously, and it drives the quality services we provide.

Helping Others to Thrive

We are driven to enjoy the satisfaction of helping others by delivering the professional, reliable, high quality services you expect from a dedicated claims adjusting partner. Passion, quality, integrity and accountability are the core values that help us achieve our mission.

Claims Plus Approach™

Our unique approach focused on you and your policyholders. Our goal is to support your needs and increase your policyholder satisfaction levels.


Service Innovation Sessions™

These unique sessions focus on collaboration with you to identify how we can make your job easier and create higher levels of policyholder satisfaction.



We created our TruReview™ process to ensure the accuracy of the claim before our final report is submitted to your team. This gives you peace of mind that the information you receive has been verified and can be trusted. With TruReview™, you can count on:

  • 100% of our files are reviewed before submission
  • A second layer of quality assurance is provided by a senior claims manager for large and complex claims
  • Adherence to carrier guidelines and proper estimating techniques
  • Proper photo documentation
  • Accurate reporting

ReScope™ Program

It never hurts to have an independent third party review the work provided by a previous adjusting partner or your in-house adjusters. Our ReScope™ program gives you confidence that everything was performed properly. You’ll benefit from comprehensive quality assurance reinspections that allow you to verify the quality of services provided.

With ReScope™, you’ll receive a detailed report covering a wide range of potential issues, including:

  • Inaccurate measurements
  • Missed damages
  • Errors contained on the estimate
  • Damages listed on the estimate, but not justified while on-site
  • Differences in LKQ
  • A supplemental estimate covering any missed damages (provided upon request)

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