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2022 Insurance Trends Reshaping the Industry

Insurance claims are topical, changing like the seasons in a year. Certain claims are prominent during a given time of the year while other claims decline. Innovative insurers have mastered the insurance claim cycle. They can accurately predict the insurance claims to expect in a given month or season. Contrary to popular belief, predicting your claims demand is not rocket science. Instead, it’s based on studying the times and trends that exist. For instance, heading into the storm season prepares insurers for home damage claims. Transitioning from the festivities of December to the seriousness of January also allows you to make accurate predictions about the demands of the claim to expect. But, with the world still facing the Coronavirus pandemic, making predictions is a bit more complex than before. Still, you can use the 2022 insurance trends outlined here to predict your claims for January 2022. 

Unemployment Insurance Claim

Covid-19 left many people unemployed after it caused many companies to shut down. While some companies transitioned into home-office spaces, others had a tough time readjusting. As a result, they shut down and left many people without a source of income. Therefore, you can safely predict an increase in unemployment insurance claims. An unemployment claim is only valid when a worker did not quit or got fired for something wrong they did. Chances are that many people deem themselves qualified to receive unemployment benefits. 

Life Insurance Claims

Life insurance claims have been on the rise since the beginning of the pandemic. Covid-19 led to an increase in the number of deaths the country experiences per year. Initially, most deaths from the pandemic were in the elderly population, hence having little effect on insurance companies. However, the discovery of more deadly Covid-19 variants that claim even the lives of young people is a cause for concern. You can expect the insurance industry to continue receiving life insurance claims if the virus continues to claim more lives. 

2022 Insurance Trends See a Shift to Usage-Based Insurance

Many consumers moved to usage-based insurance products in the recent past. The shift came from confinement measures to curb the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, most people opt to pay for their insurance based on how much and how well they use products. Currently, most insurers use telematics devices to determine how often and how well users drive their vehicles. Expect the UBI trend to spread to commercial vehicles and fleet operators. 

Climate-Related Claims

Climate changes in recent years make weather predictions hard. Unplanned extreme weather conditions have become common in many parts of the world. Hurricanes, wildfires, tornadoes, and storms are common occurrences. The extreme weather conditions destroy property, increasing property insurance claims. The current property insurance prices are high because of the inevitability and extent of weather damage to property. But, prices cannot rise unchecked. Hence, expect a shift towards in-depth extreme weather events and their impact on the property as 2022 insurance trends. 

Homeowners’ Liability Insurance

The winter months mean that snow and ice coverage are widespread. Ice makes walkways slippery, leading to increased slips and falls. Homeowners’ liability insurance claims rise because more people get hurt and are likely to sue the homeowners. 

Learn More About These 2022 Insurance Trends

Predicting insurance claims trends requires paying attention to past, present, and future trends. In the past, you could predict a reliable pattern. However, the covid-19 pandemic changed some of the trends. Similarly, unpredictable weather patterns undermine predictions. Still, a few factors remain predictable based on the changes observed in the environment and in the insurance industry. Use this guide to prepare and anticipate insurance claims in 2022. Contact us today and let us know your present situation.

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