The 4 Reasons to Outsource Roof Inspections to Third-Party Claims Adjusters

Insurance adjustment is a delicate business. Naturally, you want to give your clients the best possible coverage while sticking to the exact terms of each insurance agreement. A quick and accurate insurance claim adjustment is essential to get your clients the funds they need for home repairs – especially when it comes to roof damage. However, accurate roof inspections for an insurance claim are tricky.

According to this roofer that I found, you will need an insurance inspector to get onto the roof to assess the damage. They also need to be able to tell the difference between long-term maintenance issues and recent damage. Sometimes to determine the age of the roof without previous records to go on. This is not the kind of work you send a typical insurance adjuster to conduct. Indeed, it takes an expert to traverse a roof safely and determine those critical details that will get you (and the company) a fair insurance assessment.

If you don’t already have a roofing expert in-house, let’s look at the leading reasons to outsource your roof inspections to third-party claims adjusters who specialize in quick assessment of local roofing damage.

1. Getting up on the Roof Is Physically Risky

First and foremost, roof inspections are dangerous. You need a claims adjuster/inspector who is experienced at safely accessing and traversing a damaged roof safely. This requires more than agility, it requires proper training and knowledge of how and where it is safe to stand. A third-party expert who has the skills necessary to get onto the roof will be safer and provide a more accurate assessment than a typical inspector who may be at risk just getting up the ladder, much less over the top and onto a damaged roof surface.

2. Roof Inspections Require Roofing Expertise

Roofs are not like most types of home damage, and assessing the cost of roof repairs takes a trained eye. Many homeowners receive a quote from their local roofer as part of their insurance claim. You need an equally skilled claims adjuster to ensure the quote’s accuracy.

A claims adjuster who specializes in roof inspections can spot the pock-marks of hail damage and test the softness of the shingles. They know the difference between shingles blown off over the year and those removed by the most recent storm. An inspector with roofing expertise can find leaks by inspecting the roof and attic, and can more quickly determine the likely cost of repairs based on the state of a client’s roof.

3. Roof Insurance Adjustment Requires Specific Maintenance Knowledge

Roof claims adjustment also requires specific knowledge about how insurance and roof damage work together. Simply assessing current damage isn’t enough. It’s vital to determine the difference between over-time wear and tear versus recent immediate damage. Your claims accuracy depends on knowing the roof’s age, how well it’s been maintained, and whether the homeowners have taken reasonable steps to prevent further damage before the proper insurance amount can be determined.

The claims adjuster may need to determine the age of the roof without previous records. They may need to determine what damage is excluded from the policy vs. what is included. And to determine if homeowners took the right precautions to warrant full coverage or partial coverage of all damage.

4. Providing Flexibility and Safety by Outsourcing Roof Inspections

So should you hire a claims adjuster with roofing expertise in-house or outsource with a third-party adjuster team with a broad network of roofing experts? For small to medium insurance offices, often the most practical answer is to outsource. This can save you the cost of expanding your team while also providing the flexibility of an immediate and nearby roof inspection for clients in need of speedy insurance approval.

By accessing a nationwide pool of roof claims adjusters, you can help your clients get the home repair funds they need with fast, accurate roof claims adjustment as soon as they make the call.


Ready to increase your roofing claims accuracy and speed for the benefit of both your office and your in-need clients? Contact us today. We would be honored to become your roof inspection resource.

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