How to Prepare Your Business for a Surge in Storm Season Home Insurance Claims

Every region in the US has its own storm season. Indeed, the Midwest has terrifying Springtime storms. The Tornado Belt also has yearly tornado wreckage. The Eastern coastal regions face hurricane season. The Ram Roofing Residential Roofers often find cases where intense winter storms crack roofs and freeze pipes. Flash floods cause sudden water damage and even simple high-speed winds can peel rooftops and drop tree branches.

No doubt, your insurance business exists in a region with one or more storm seasons – and that means a surge in home insurance claims. How can you prepare your insurance business to handle the increase in claims and provide positive customer experiences?

Review Your Weather Damage Claims Process for Storm Season

Sources tells that first, make sure you are ready to handle weather-related claims as rapidly and carefully as possible. Get your team together and review your policies and procedure on handling weather-related and storm damage insurance claims. Get in touch with the local solar contractors in the Billings area if necessary.  Run through the procedures, take on a few practice situations. Review the most common and most difficult issues faced in years previous and how to handle them this year.

This ensures your team prepares to deal with the surge of home insurance claims in the season.

Expand Your Network of Available Claims Adjusters

One of the biggest challenges of a seasonal rush is getting enough claims adjusters in the field. Each client who calls in needs their home insurance claim as quickly as possible. This means their property needs to be inspected, assessed, and processed correctly. They deserve a high level of professionalism and accuracy. The best way to get your clients taken care of is to increase your network of claims adjusters. By forming a partnership with a third-party adjuster network, you can access more adjusters when and where you need them during the storm season claims surge.

A third party makes it possible to increase your claims adjuster availability only during the times of the year when you need a larger force. During the rest of the year when insurance claims come at a more regular pace, you can call on your network for specialist services or cover when one of your on-staff adjusters is out sick.

Make Sure Phone and Chat Support Is Available

Storm damage is extremely difficult for the families whose homes are damaged by the bad weather season. Houses become unlivable and repairs are urgent. Even if you have a rapid response team ready to go, clients benefit from the assurance of customer support on-hand to provide claim updates and helpful resources.

So, make sure you have phone lines and chat support techs open to provide support for customers during this time of storm damage hardship. Your support teams should also be equipped with available solutions for your clients while they wait for the claims process to complete. Clients really appreciate being able to check the status of their claim and get advice for how to handle their current home repair disaster.

Develop Home Rehab Service Partnership

Finally, build partnerships with local home rehab and repair services. This serves two purposes. First, you can recommend skilled and reasonably priced teams to your clients to take care of their storm damage disaster repairs. Second, you can maintain a closer insight on what local home repair services cost to make locally accurate estimates.

Help your clients connect with your home rehab service partners to expedite repairs that their insurance policy will cover. With the right partnerships, you can have teams on-call even to help clients take the precautions necessary to validate their weather-related home insurance claim. Clients also appreciate the quick and easy solutions offered by your insurance company to fully resolve the problems.

Prepare Your Business for a Surge in Storm Season Home Insurance Claims

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