Aspen Claims Is Named Top 10 Claims Processing and Management Service Company for 2022

Insurance CIO Outlook, a source for insurance news, announced the latest rankings of the top 10 claims processing and management service companies in 2022. And Aspen Claims Service was among the best.

In the entire country of the United States, Aspen Claims Service offers adjusting services for residential and commercial property damages. For daily and disaster claim assignments, it has a sizable team of tried-and-true Field Adjusters, and General Adjusters are available.

Aspen Claims Service is leading in claims processing and management service in the industry and will provide exemplary service for years to come. According to their president Mark Vetrovec, the following attributed to their success.

Aspen Claim Service’s Focus on Proactive Communication Between Carriers and Policyholders

This distinction is a testament to our focus on proactive communication between carriers and policyholders. Open and honest communication is crucial to a smooth claims process for everyone involved.

While addressing the Lackluster communication channels, Mark Vetrovec, the president of Aspen, revealed that customer-centered insurance adjusting is key to their success. But what does it mean to be customer-centered? Mark Vtrovec stated, “we put systems that keep the lines of communication open for an insurance carrier and policyholder to check the status of a claim anytime.”

The carriers are known for failure in communication with the policyholders. Aspen Claims Service is creating a world of proactive communication in the industry. Mark Vetrovec clarifies that proactive communication between policyholders, carriers, and adjusters enables the insured to be fully satisfied and informed during the entire process.

Aspen Claims Service Has Been Chosen for Its Innovation in Claims Management Service

The report found that recent growth in insurance claims is not just about technology. It’s how insurers use it to drive operational efficiencies and better serve their customers. The president of Aspen Claims confirmed, “We are continually learning and innovating as we discover additional pain points and are excited to see what is to come over the next five years in the insurance claim space.”

Every insurance business uses a distinct technological platform because providers confront similar problems with claims processing. Aspen Claims Service allows its customers to tailor a data technology stack to integrate with their current IT infrastructure seamlessly. A “set it and forget it” strategy guarantees carriers can automate adjuster management successfully. Carriers can enter information and allow robotic management to confirm the proper adjuster for a policy claim using Aspen Claims’ definitive technological stack implementation. Carriers can boost productivity to settle claims quickly. It is done by removing the need for extra work. These include tracking down the right employees or scouring massive amounts of data.

Aspen Claim Service’s Dedication to Excellent Customer Service

Aspen Claims Service works tirelessly to make our clients’ claims process as smooth and stress-free as possible. According to Vetrovec, Aspen Claims Service boasts a passionate team of employees. The team has a high ethical standard to remain genuine continuously. Aspen claim adheres to stringent delivery requirements to ensure that claims are processed per the law and authority boards’ rules, which saves time, too.

Besides, the company looks forward to supporting adjusters’ careers by setting up an industry-first virtual training program. In case of legitimate delays, the Aspen system can tell and set a new target to meet the policyholder’s expectations. The availability of a comprehensive network is another plus for Aspen Claims Service. The company has a perfect presence in the US, making it easy to serve its customers effectively.


Insurance CIO Outlook named Aspen Claims the Top 10 Claims Processing and Management Service company for 2022. This prestigious award is given to companies that demonstrate innovation, efficiency, and customer service in the claims management industry. Aspen Claims Service has been in business for over 20 years and has a reputation for providing quality and proactive communication between policyholders and insurance carriers.

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