Are You Prepared For A Volcano? – Aspen Claims Service

There are nearly 165 volcanoes that are active in the United States today. If you have been watching the news, you may have heard about the eruption of the Kilauea volcano, located on Hawaii’s Big Island. Volcanoes can lay dormant for years, possibly even hundreds or much more. However, when they do erupt, the damage […]

What You Need to Know About Earthquake Property Claims

Earthquakes strike at a moment’s notice, not giving much time at all to do anything other than evacuate. Once the thread is over, a property owner has to assess their damage. It is a stressful time, making it important for insurance companies to help throughout the process. Learn about earthquake statistics in the United States, […]

How Claims Adjusters Should Approach Rare or Uncommon Property

Claims adjusters have a career that is based on research and investigation. In some cases, a specific piece of property or a vehicle might be rare, creating a new experience for the adjuster. If you have a client that has filed a claim, that includes something uncommon or rare, it is important to know the […]

Important Programs and Brands Property Insurance Adjusters Use

If you are seeking additional help with property insurance adjusters, there are many factors to consider. With different programs to use, it is beneficial to know what a team is accustomed to that will help expedite the process. From three different programs and brands, to learning why you should hire on additional help and what […]

Developing Relationships with Insurance Adjusters for Your Business

Whether you have a growing insurance company or are looking to build your team, it is important to develop relationships with your insurance adjusters. When you build your team to be strong and connected, you will provide a better experience to your customers. Learn about the benefits of using additional support at your company, how […]

What’s a Nor’Easter? How to File Late Winter Catastrophe Claims

Whether you live in the New England part of the country, or somewhere else, you are probably familiar with the nor’easter weather pattern. With a few of these storms occurring back to back, several weeks in a row, it weighs heavily on an area. In some cases, these large storms cause damage that leads to […]

Top 3 Reasons Everyone Should Have Property Insurance

Whether you are a homeowner or an insurance company looking to help your customers, it is important to know the benefits of property insurance. Insurance is the key to not having to spend thousands and thousands of dollars when an accident happens, or disaster strikes. Disasters and accidents can be enough of a headache—it can […]

What To Do To Become an Insurance Claims Adjuster

Are you looking for your next career opportunity in insurance? For some, the field is attractive, but they do not want to be at a desk all day. If this is you, you are in luck! Becoming an insurance claims adjuster is the perfect opportunity to keep you in the industry with a new experience […]

Winter Safety Tips for Businesses Explained by Insurance Adjusters

As a business owner, not only is it important to keep your area safe for customers—but it’s the law. You will want to make sure to abide by all laws to keep your employees and customers from experiencing dangerous falls that can become detrimental to your business. Make sure you learn about the laws in […]

Differences Between Daily and Catastrophe Claims

If you are new to the insurance field and would like to learn more about claims, it is important to know the differences between daily and catastrophe claims. It is especially beneficial for those looking to become independent insurance adjusters. Use this quick guide to learn about the insurance adjuster profession and the ins and […]