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Common Types of Damage Claims Explained for New Claim Adjusters

As a claims adjuster new to the industry, there are many different types of damage claims you may see. It is important to be experienced in each type of claim to give your customer the best type of service available. While different parts of the country vary in what claims they see often, there are…

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Top Thanksgiving Mishaps Explained by Insurance Claims Adjusters

Thanksgiving is one of the best times of year to get together with friends and family, eat great food and spend some time watching football or hanging out. However, it can also be a time for some kitchen blunders that can result in some issues! As an insurance company, you can reach out to your…

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Increased Work Flow? How to Get Assistance with Insurance Claims

Are you looking for ways to grow your insurance company’s network? By upping your marketing game in a few ways, you can increase the amount of business coming your way and utilize independent insurance adjusters when needed. Keeping in mind that increasing your marketing budget and hours spent on online advertising, you may have more…

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How to Handle Denied or Partial Insurance Claims After a Storm

Once a dangerous storm hits an area, the next step if there is any damage is to report it to your insurance company. In many circumstances, claims will be approved. However, there are instances where your insurance company may come back only covering parts or your claim, but not all. In other cases, the insurance…

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Reasons to Upgrade Your Property Insurance

Your home is one of the largest if not the largest of your investments. It is important that you make sure this investment is protected in the event of an emergency. The best way to handle this is through property insurance. While you may already have this insurance, it is beneficial to look at your…

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What is Property Insurance and What are the Different Types?

Whether you own a home or your own business, the investments you have are worth protecting. The best way to ensure you are covered if anything happens to your valuables is to have property insurance. Learn what this type of insurance is and the differences between residential and commercial to make sure you have this…

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How to Handle Hail Damage and Submitting Property Claims

Hail storms can cause damage in several different ways. In some cases, hail does not lead to much damage, but in other cases, hail can be destructive. Since hail storms can happen during certain circumstances during thunderstorms, it is important to know what to do ahead of time. This way, you can execute your plan…

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Spring Inclement Weather Safety and Catastrophe Claims

Spring is one of the most common times of year for inclement weather. During some of the spring thunderstorms, hail, high winds, heavy rain and tornadoes can be dangerous. On the flipside, certain dry conditions can also create the perfect environment for wildfires to spread. Learn more about what to do in the event of…

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