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Colorado Property Owners No Strangers to Damaging Storms

From softball size hail to extreme wildfires to heavy snowfall, the weather in Colorado is pretty unpredictable and often, unforgettable. That’s why the Aspen Claims team encourages property owners in Colorado and throughout the United States to rely on our team of our team of insurance adjusters to get the most for their damaged property claims.  Between the various mountain ranges and rugged terrain, the weather can vary greatly within just a few short miles, no matter where in the United States your home or business resides.

According to the insurance industry officials, a natural or man-made disaster is named as “catastrophic” when insurance claims total up to $25 million or more in damages. Here’s a list of a few catastrophic events in our home state —the state of Colorado and others that came close.

In July of 1990, a massive hail storm caused roughly $625 million in estimated damages across Colorado. Golf-ball to baseball-sized hail was reported, causing extensive damage to vehicles, windows, roofs and skylights. 

In March of 2003, snowfalls that topped over three feet in depthy caused Colorado Interstate 70 to shut down for 2 days due to avalanche risk and icy conditions. With 28,000 claims file, the damage from the storm was estimated to be more than $93 million.

The Waldo Canyon Fire of 2012 is believed to be the most expensive wildfire in Colorado history. It burned 347 homes and 18,247 acres, which led to more than $453 million in insured losses. In addition, more than 32,000 people were evacuated.

In May of 2017, Colorado was hit by another massive hailstorm — by far the most damaging hailstorm in state history. The disaster generated $2.3 billion in damage from a total of 267,000 claims in the Denver area, report the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association. The storm ranked as the state’s most expensive insured disaster in history. These scenarios all paint a dire picture for those who have property insurance, or feel that their property insurance is lacking when it comes to final claims process. 

If your personal or commercial property has been severely damaged by weather,  Aspen Claims can help. You can even track the progress of your claim thanks to our digital claim management system that allows our clients to review the status and progress of their case from any digital device, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. To ensure the accuracy of your claim from word one, Aspen Claim’s ReScope™ process offers a reinspection process ensuring the most accurate re-inspection in the industry, to make sure you get what’s rightfully yours if your personal or commercial property has been damaged by weather. At Aspen Claims, we pride ourselves in the quality and professionalism that has been a standard of our work for decades. Contact our team today for all your claims adjustment needs.

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