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Exterior Home Enhancements to Make After Making a Claim with Your Insurance Agent

When damage occurs to a home, whether it be through an accident or a storm, the process to get things can seem long. However, after this happens, it becomes a great time to do any additional work to your home while it is already under construction. Even if it is small, there are a few different kinds of home renovation during or after your home has been repaired. Learn more about the different types of home damage and making a claim with insurance adjusters, renovation ideas and safety tips.

Type of Home Damage

Hail is one of the most common types of outdoor weather damage threats. It can wreck siding and leave your roof falling apart. Hail is not the only type of danger; high winds are also a threat. From flying shingles to detached siding, items can hit your roof and perimeter around the house. In the winter, it is important to pay attention to large amounts of snow that fall on your roof. Typically, you should begin to worry and look into safe methods of removal once a foot of snow falls on your roof. Ice can cause even more damage. When an inch of ice accumulates on a roof, you potentially run the risk of your roof buckling. In addition, melted snow or ice can also accumulate on the edge of your roof creating an ice dam. These can be extremely dangerous. Learn how to get rid of ice dams from This Old House.

Enhancement Ideas

If the exterior of your home becomes damaged, you can take some time to think about any renovations you would like to make. If you have to replace your siding, you have the option to change the color of the way the exterior looks with the help of painters in fairfax. Pair this with new landscaping with plants and trees that complement the color of the siding you choose. With a roof, after experiencing damage, in some cases you may qualify for a new roof from your insurance policy. You can discuss with your roofer different types of shingles and colors that you can use to replace.

Safety Tips

After a storm or dangerous incident has occurred, you need to make sure you assess any damage as safely as possible. First, never go outdoors until a storm has passed or the imminent danger no longer exists. If there are downed trees and power lines, steer clear of them to avoid electrocution. Call your local electrical company and inform them of the downed lines. During the clean-up, if there is any shattered glass, make sure you are wearing closed toe shoes and use gloves if you will need to pick anything up.

If an incident occurs to your home, it is important to learn about catastrophe claims: what to do in the event of an emergency. For a claims adjuster you can trust, contact the experts at Aspen Claims Service. We are available nationwide. Contact us at or call 888-819-5904. We can work with you and your insurance company to make sure you have an accurate assessment of any damage.

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