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Frequently Asked Questions About Property Claims

Accidents that can affect a property can seem inevitable. The best thing you can do as a homeowner is to be prepared when you need to address property claims after an accident. If you have never had to make a claim before, or have not in a long time, it is beneficial to get yourself up to speed. This way you are prepared when an accident occurs. Review these top frequently asked questions for property claims:

What do I do after an accident?

After you property experiences an accident, the first priority is to make sure everyone in the home is safe. Next, you need to take a look at the damage. If there is anything that is dangerous, you will need to vacate the home until it has been fixed. You will also need to clear any debris in the area. Next, be sure take any pictures of your damaged home to document your findings. Once you have done this, next you will need to call your insurance company and put in a claim. They will work with an independent claims adjuster to assess the damage to your property. If you do not have insurance, be sure you understand the top reasons you need property insurance.

How long does the process take?

Depending on the type of damage in the area, your insurance company will send out an adjuster. If damage is extensive, it could take up to a few days for them to review the damage. Often times, in situations like this, insurance companies contact an independent adjuster to assist with property claims.

Once the report is in, you will need to have patience as it goes through the process. Typically, they have a couple weeks to respond to your claim after you have submitted it. Your insurance company will then issue funds in about a week. You should be notified if more time is needed to review your claim.

How do I know what’s covered?

Prior to submitting your claim, you should freshen up your memory by getting out your homeowner’s insurance policy. From here, you can find everything you need to know on what is covered after an accident on your property.  

What happens if I do not agree with my settlement?

In some cases, you may not agree with your claims settlement from your insurance company. This is where calling in your own claims adjuster to re-assess the situation can be beneficial.

Next, put together a written statement that maps out the areas you disagree with and have the proof to back it up. In extreme cases, an appraisal may be done.

Learn more about how to dispute a home insurance claim settlement or denial from Nerdwallet.

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