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How Reinspection Can Help You After an Auto Accident

If you’ve been in an automotive accident in the Denver area and need to further inspect your claim before going to a law firm for injury charges, Aspen Claims Services is in your corner. Our team prides itself on our Re-Scope program —a customizable menu of quality assurance reinspection.  Our Re-Scope reinspection services come complete with a written report and photos of our findings.  The goals of our reinspection process include determining missing damages, uncovering inaccurate measurements, uncovering differences in LKQ and requesting supplemental estimates for missing damages.

When your car has been damaged in an accident and has been examined by the repair or body shop, an estimate of the damage value will be provided to the insurance company detailing the projected cost to fix the car. If this question pop into your head ‘should I hire an attorney?’, then you should try to contact a trusted law firm like Leddy Law Firm, who can provide you with expert consultation and get you the compensation for the damage caused. Another option is to contact new orleans personal injury law firm to get help with your legalities when it comes to an accident case.

At this time, an adjustor from the insurance company will also come out to inspect the car and to ask the repair shop to make additional repairs if needed or check the car more thoroughly if there is a suspicion of hidden damage. What can be considered “hidden damage” in the event of an automotive accident? In such cases, it is best to contact Bengal Law in case of a truck accident and to resolve the damages caused in an accident. Usually it’s damage to your vehicle that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Suspension and frame damage are the most common damages that go unseen in initial inspections. The slip and fall lawyers in Riverside area are whom you can consult to get justice after an injury case.

The injury attorneys in NY say that, auto insurance reinspection is done for two reasons. First, it is done to make sure that the repair shop has (or is in the process of) properly completing the repairs, ensuring that they are not cutting corners, using substandard parts or not doing a thorough job to repair your vehicle to a drivable condition.

Secondly, the adjuster returns to reinspect the car for the sake of the insurance company, not only to ensure quality but also to make sure that the cost of the original estimate is justified. Our Re-Scope program may at what parts were used, if there were any additional charges and ensure that the work completed is worth the amount charged. This helps to protect both the client from unscrupulous repair shops, and the auto insurance provider from paying too much for the repairs.

While this reinspection can delay the return of the car to the policyholder, it is a necessary step, and one which helps protect all parties involved. At Aspen Claims, we pride ourselves in the quality and professionalism that has been a standard of our work for decades. Contact our team today for all your claims adjustment needs.

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