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How to Handle Denied or Partial Insurance Claims After a Storm

Once a dangerous storm hits an area, the next step if there is any damage is to report it to your insurance company. In many circumstances, claims will be approved. However, there are instances where your insurance company may come back only covering parts or your claim, but not all. In other cases, the insurance company may deny your claim at all. This is when it is important to understand your policy, and know how to handle denied or partial damage claims.

Prior to Inclement Weather

As a homeowner, it is important to understand your insurance policy and know your coverage. It is always beneficial to review this annually and make sure you are covered for possible damage that can occur in your area. To help, you can review Fox Business’ 11 tips every home owner needs to know about insurance.

What to Do After a Storm

Early summer is typically the time where inclement weather occurs in Denver, however, there can always be a storm that causes damage. Whether it be hail, lightning, or high winds, any can do extensive damage to your home. Once the storm has cleared and it is safe to go outside, take some time to inspect the exterior of your home. You will want to look for missing or broken shingles on the roof, damaged siding, and other areas around your home that have been damaged. If there are any areas with damage, be sure to document it as best you can. Write down issues, as well as take photographs. From here reach out to your insurance company to arrange your claim.

Claims with Insurance Companies

Once you have taken inventory of any damage outside of your home (or inside), it is important you contact your insurance company. You will want to be sure to give them very detailed notes on what happened with your home. Upon submitting your claim, your insurance company will send out a claims adjuster. You may also look into having your own adjuster as well to help have a second opinion on the damage. They will take your claim and carefully review it, alongside reviewing your insurance coverage to come up with the amount they will give you to fix any damage.

Handling Denied or Partial Payments

Depending on your insurance coverage and an assessment of your home’s damage in a storm, your insurance company may only cover a partial amount of the damage. They may also deny your claim altogether. As a homeowner, this can be frustrating. You can contact your insurance agent to discuss the situation. You may be able to use the second opinion you received to help with your claim to cover anything the original insurance adjuster may have missed.

For additional help, be sure to review how to handle hail damage and submitting property claims. To get started with your claim, Aspen Claims Service can help. As assist with claims 24/7 nationwide, in both rural and urban locations. Call us today at 888-819-5904 to get started.

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