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Hurricane Season and Catastrophe Claims

Depending on where a state falls in America, hurricane season begins as early as June 1 and lasts through the end of November. Even with as much notice as possible, hurricanes are incredibly destructive storms. From demolished homes and downed power lines, to widespread flooding, a hurricane can be extremely debilitating to a community. As an insurer, it is your responsibility to help your customers every step of the way upon experiencing a disaster such as a hurricane. Learn more about hurricanes across the United States, projects for the 2018 season and tips to assist customers with catastrophe claims.

Basics About Tropical Storms and Hurricanes

A hurricane is a tropical storm that begins due to a low-pressure system that is formed in an ocean. When it comes to when and where do hurricanes occur, it varies on area and time of year.  Their technical term is actually a tropical cyclone and depending on severity, can be categorized as a tropical depression, tropical storm or hurricane. Sustained wind speeds heavily factor into which category a hurricane falls into:

To delve deeper, hurricanes themselves are categorized from one to five based on their sustained wind speeds based on the Saffir-Simpson hurricane wind scale:

Lower level category storms are likely to break tree limbs and knock out power. They can cause damage to the roof and siding of a home on a lower level scale. As you have storms that are a higher category, it is common for homes and neighborhoods to be partially or completely destroyed. While lower sustained winds may not cause widespread damage, they are still dangerous. Homeowners need to follow directions by local law enforcement to evacuate and stay safe.

Projections for 2018

As the 2018 hurricane season sets in, researchers originally estimated a slightly above average season. However the latest information from the 2018 tropical meteorology project forecast schedule from Colorado State University, researchers are now projecting a below-average season on the Atlantic coast. It is predicted that there will be nine more storms for the rest of the season. This is thanks to the cool, dry temperatures in the Atlantic Ocean.

Assisting with Catastrophe Claims

When working with customers that have experienced a hurricane, it is important to remember their fears and frustrations. Increased work flow? How to get assistance with insurance claims is an important thing to know. Plan ahead for hurricane season and work with Aspen Claims Service on overflow. It is a great way to ensure your customers get the service they need and ensuring your staff is not overworked. Contact us today at 888-819-5904 today to get your backup plan ready in the event of a hurricane or other storm/natural disaster.

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