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Signs You Need to Hire an Insurance Claims Adjuster

Following an unexpected property damage loss, you can expect your insurance company to come prepared with experts. A fire, earthquake, flood, winter storm, hurricane, or other natural disaster can turn your life upside down without a moment’s notice, especially when your property is damaged as a result. That’s when the Aspen Claims team is there to help.  As an insured policyholder, you have rights and obligations, rights our firm will help protect when you enlist in our insurance claims adjustment services. One of which is the ability to hire a public adjuster to advocate on your behalf. So, how can you tell when you need to bring in a professional to represent your interests?

When your claim is relatively large or has many  public adjuster complicating factors, a public adjuster is just the person you need on your side. Your insurance company will involve an adjuster for your claim; however, they are paid by the insurance company to adjust the claim on the insurance company’s behalf — not yours. An insurance company has a team of people who understand the ins-and-outs of your policy, what it covers versus what it excludes, and are looking out for their bottom line. If you do not have the same resources on your side, you may find yourself fighting a losing battle.

A claim can quickly become difficult to navigate. For example, if a fire damages your home, how do you go about proving your damages or receiving any reimbursement? Or, for instance, you never made an inventory of your possessions, and now have to create one from memory and list all the items that were lost in the disaster, including their current valuations. Our public adjusters have perfected this process and will ensure that you receive the best possible recovery for all your belongings covered by your policy. Many situations can complicate a claim quickly, but public adjusters have experience and know how to handle them to ensure a proper settlement.

The Aspen Claims team will be there to work for you, the policyholder, to help you financially recover from a loss. Insurance claims hold a variety of complex provisions, processes, clauses, legal terms and issues that need to be addressed in order to maximize your settlement. OUr team of experts will help you better understand what options you have when settling a claim by yourself, as well as what to look out for when your insurance company develops the valuation. Seeing that you most likely do not have specific property claim experience hiring a public adjuster can greatly increase the amount of your claim settlement.

If you are an insurance policy holder who is interested in hiring a claims adjuster, there are a variety of steps you can take to make sure you’re choosing a qualified professional. At Aspen Claims, we have decades of experience helping individuals and professionals with insurance adjustment claims and are licensed nationwide. Contact our team today to get the process started!

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