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Studies Workplace Injuries at Colorado Cannabis Facilities Remain Average

One of the larger concerns of those who were against Colorado’s legalization of marijuana was marijuana-consumption related injuries, not just on the state’s roadways, but at cannabis growing facilities themselves. However a new study one of Colorado’s largest workers compensation providers, Pinnacol, proves that workplace injury is not more or less common at marijuana processing facilities. 

In fact, employers working in cannabis facilitating businesses are comparatively safe when compared to on-the-job injuries and workers compensation claims in other industries. 350 Coloradans working in cannabis retail, cultivation, manufacturing, clerical support and transportation were injured on the job in 2018. That’s not a considerably large number of injured workers given the fact that over 3,000 cannabis-related businesses are insured by the firm.

One of the factors for the safely is believed to be the fact that Colorado business owners have experience, given that marijuana was legalized in 2000 and for recreational adult use in 2012. The industry is very robustly regulated, meaning that both business owners and employees follow the same guidelines regarding on-the-job drug use that have stood for decades in other industries. the industry is so highly regulated.

Job related injuries that are most common in Colorado include strains, slips and falls, being struck by equipment, and eye injuries. According to the study, seventy percent of injuries were incurred by men ages 20 to 29 — a typical demographic for workers in manual labor fields, an industry that shares similarities with marijuana cultivation and processing.

During the legalization debate, citizens and lawmakers alike voiced concerns that workers in the cannabis industry may be prone to being high while working, but he said the claims data and the anecdotal data doesn’t support the assertion according to this recently released data, instead revealing that people who are impaired while working is more likely in that industry than other sectors.

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