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The winter claims you need to be ready for

Cold weather is here, and while that means a lot of fun in the snow…it can also mean some pretty serious issues for your home. While you are enjoying your snow days and time with family, be sure that you keep an eye out for some of the house issues that can make a big dent in your checkbook and cause issues with your insurance claims. We have compiled the most common claims you need to be on the lookout for this winter.

Freezing Pipes
This is a big one, and something that can happen before you know it. If you don’t treat your pipes properly, water within the pipes can get stuck and result in freezing…and even bursting. Bursting pipes can result in costly damages, and big headaches. Before a big freeze, make sure you’ve shut off and emptied your outdoor pipes. When it comes to freezing temperatures, turn all indoor pipes slightly on (so that a small stream is coming out) so that it keeps the water flowing.

House Fires
Enjoying a fire in your fireplace during the colder months? We love a good fire, but house fires are more common in the winter months. While fireplaces are certainly a big contributor, house fires can spark from outdated electrical systems, space heaters, and bad ductwork. If you have an older house, be sure you get your systems inspected and never leave a fire unattended.

Icy road conditions can make driving difficult, and even if you are being extremely careful you can’t always see the path of black ice just around the corner. While driving, make sure you have an emergency supply kit in your car and take extra care while driving around turns.

Roof Failures
One of the most common claims during the winter is due to roof failures. Accumulations of snow and ice put extra weight on the roof, and depending on temperature fluctuations this can severely damage your roof and cause a dangerous situation. Make sure to keep an eye on snow accumulation, and if needed get some assistance with removing snow from the top of your roof.

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