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What To Do To Become an Insurance Claims Adjuster

Are you looking for your next career opportunity in insurance? For some, the field is attractive, but they do not want to be at a desk all day. If this is you, you are in luck! Becoming an insurance claims adjuster is the perfect opportunity to keep you in the industry with a new experience every day. Learn more about this profession, education and licensing needed, and information about working for a claims service.

Profession Overview

Claims adjusters work alongside insurance companies when claims are submitted. These individuals are responsible for going on-site, or wherever is needed, to review damage to a property. In addition, there is a research component to this role. Claims adjusters will do all the work needed to find any important paperwork, facts, and other relevant information that will help finalize the situation. From talking to witnesses to gathering important documentation, the claims adjuster builds the file. Once put together, they review their findings then report back to the insurance company on how much the claim is worth based on the facts, claimant’s insurance policy, and all other important factors. On average, an adjuster can make just over $30 per hour, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Education and Licensing

Entry level claims adjusters can get into the field with just a high school diploma. However, for more advanced career paths, an associate or bachelor’s degree and/or experience in the insurance industry is asked for. When it comes to licensing, each state is different. By becoming a claims adjuster, you can work in a variety of fields from administrative and health, to the government. When it comes to claims adjuster careers, working with a claims service is a great way to build experience. In this role, you will be away from a traditional office setting, allowing each day to be unique. It is a field with slow growth, with openings coming up over the next few years.

Working for a Claims Service

Noted earlier, working for a claims service is a great way to grow and advance your career in the insurance industry. They use some of the latest technology and software to help you do your best when working on various claims for your customers. There is also a wide variety of opportunities available when they expand their area just from one state and work nationwide. Through a claims service, you can specialize in residential and commercial property losses, as well as daily and catastrophe claims. You are given the tools you need to do the best job you possibly can.

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