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Working with Landlords on Property Insurance Claims

Did you know there are more than 45 million rentals all across the United States? With a majority of those rentals having tenants currently living in them? With more than a million residential fires each year, along with storms, natural disasters, and other types of damaging events, there is a great need for insurance companies to be experienced with property owners. Take advantage of these tips when working with landlords on property insurance claims.

Types of Insurance for Landlords

Those investing in a property must have insurance for it—and it is not the time to cut corners on savings. To start, fire insurance will help protect in the event of a destructive event. In addition, homes or rentals in flood zones should include flood insurance. However, just because an area isn’t in a designated flood zone does not mean it is not susceptible to flood damage. An addition to standard property insurance, loss of income insurance is ideal for landlords faced with disastrous situations. It helps to pick up a lapse in income due to an event that destroys a property. As an insurance company, it is important your clients understand all of the types of insurance for landlords and property investors.

Common Claims for Rentals

Each area of the country is susceptible to various types of storms and natural disasters. Factor in accidents, such as fires, and there are many potential problems that can happen to your investment. Common types of claims landlords and investors have for their properties include:

Because of the plethora of issues that may arise, it is crucial that you work with your landlords and property investors to ensure they have the right coverage for their properties. If not, walk them through the appropriate steps needed to get their policies up to par. By handling upfront early, it will help your property investors avoid potential issues that could devastate their budget and savings.

Using Adjusters for Claims

Insurance companies should always be available and reliable for the customers they serve. When an issue happens, it is important to be readily available to help them during a stressful time. When large natural disasters happen, an influx in calls and other points of contact can be overwhelming to a staff. This is where outside insurance adjusters will help. Through working with a local, reliable claims service, you can trust in having quality help with demand. A team of adjusters can quickly go to a site to review damage to quickly put together a report and next steps.

When disasters strike, you can rely on Aspen Claims Service to help with demand. Our team of professional claims adjusters can step in for daily and catastrophe claims, underwriting, large losses, and more. We will step in and help as needed to keep your team afloat and customers happy. Let the Aspen Difference help make a difference with your customers. Call us today at 888-819-5904 to see how we can help.

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