How to “McDonalds”-ify Your Claims Adjustment Process for National Consistency

McDonald’s has an audience of billions because people know and trust what they will find. People build trust in brands when the experience they expect occurs fairly and satisfactorily every time. People build trust in their insurance brands this way, as well. When someone files a claim and everything goes smoothly, that trust grows. Soon, satisfied clients recommend your insurance company to friends and family, assuring them that they will have a positive experience for the claims adjustment process.

But how do you ensure that every claim goes smoothly? Between adjuster availability and case complexity, how do you provide your Insureds a predictably stress-free claims process every time? Building a brand reputation is about building a system your clients can count on. Often, that means building a network of service partners to make sure each client gets what they need.

Let’s talk about how to make a McDonalds-consistent brand experience that all your insurance clients can learn to count on. Here’s how to McDonalds-ify your claims adjustment process so customers will know and trust what to expect from each claim.

Build Policies for Each Type of Claims Adjustment Process

The first step to national brand consistency is to build policies that can be implemented in any brand office. Each client and type of claim will be treated in a fair and predictable way based on their case. Thus, this allows you to build expectations and to meet those expectations in a way that clients learn to trust. Those clients who need to make multiple claims over the years will be relieved that each time provides the same quality of experience and customer care.

Design your claims policies based on best practices and brand experience. Provide your team with the tools to enact a predictable and fair process that clients recognize as reliable practices.

Partner With a National Claims Adjustment Service to Boost Performance

One of the best ways to enact a consistent level of service is to work with a network of service providers. Third-party claims adjusters can make sure there is always a professional adjuster ready. This can help maintain a short waiting time for the claim assessment. Combined with your brand-consistent policies, third-party partners can help uphold your consistent brand performance and provide a reliable experience for each and every client.

Let Your Clients Know What to Expect

Another great way to build a nationally consistent brand reputation is to tell your clients what to expect. If you layout the claims process as you’ve built it, clients see consistency. Let your clients know about how long before a claims adjuster will investigate or inspect and what to expect from the process afterward. As each step comes to fruition, clients will appreciate having a clear roadmap for dealing with their claim.

This will, in turn, build trust in your brand as being trustworthy and reliable. Clients who must file multiple claims with you notice that you set and meet expectations the same way every time. Then, they appreciate how well-handled and predictable each new claim is.

Provide a Claims Experience That Clients Can Trust and Recommend

Ultimately, you are looking for three results from a claims service with each client: to provide accurate claim fulfillment, to satisfy the client, and to inspire the client to share recommendations with friends and family. When you build trust through a reliable process that always meets client expectations, you create a brand that clients are happy to recognize in branches all over the country and proud to recommend to friends who need a reliable, trustworthy insurance provider.

Learn More About “McDonalds”-ifying Your Claims Adjustment Process

Any insurance brand can “McDonalds-ify” their claims experience so that customers know and trust what they will get with each claim – and you don’t have to do it alone. By building claims adjustment partnerships, you can ensure that your teams can delivery fast, high-quality claims services for every client and claim. Contact us today to learn more and build your network.

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