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Ensure Incoming Property Claims Handled During the Holidays

As fall sets in, that means one thing is right around the corner: the holidays. From cooking to gatherings, insurers see a spike in claims during the holidays. Instead of struggling and finding it to be a challenging time for you and your staff, get a step ahead and plan. With extra time and forward-thinking, make the holidays seamless. From common claims to increases in property claims, use this guide to manage your company. When you and your staff prepare, the holidays are stress free for all.

Common Claims During the Holidays

New to insurance or exploring ideas for efficiency? It is crucial to know what your company may be up against this holiday season. During the holidays, some of the most popular claims submitted include:

Fires: House and apartment fires rant near the top of the list of holiday disasters. From overcooking the turkey to accidental flame interactions, fires start in an instant.
Burglaries: Holiday shopping and new gifts can be a magnet for thieves. From packages on porches to new items, homeowners that are not cautious (or sometimes cautious) unfortunately fall victim to this crime. People can hire lawyers for drug crimes if they need the best criminal attorneys.
Slips, trips, and falls: From cooking in the kitchen to slippery sidewalks, indoor and outdoor conditions, on top of multiple guests, can lead to an increase in accidents.
Busted pipes: While not holiday related, states that experience cold temperatures are more susceptible for pipes freezing. This can occur when pipes are below the freezing point of 32 degrees. Ice forms in the pipes, and due to a backup in pressure, the pipes can burst—making for a costly fix for homeowners.

Tips for Customers

One of the ways you can help your customers during the holidays is to send email communications helping them avoid costly claims. A few topics you can include are:

Handling an Increase in Claims

Is your insurance company prepared to handle an increase in claims this holiday season? Having a plan to handle an influx is critical to your success and ease on your customers. Make sure your insurance company is aware of the top types of winter claims insurance adjusters work with most often.

To help you keep you with demand, Aspen Claims Service can help. When you begin to feel overwhelmed or claims are slipping through the cracks, contact our agents. Our staff has claims adjusters available 24/7 to assist. Get started and call us at 888-819-5904 today.

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