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Top Types of Winter Claims Insurance Adjusters Work With Most Often

Winter can be a very busy time for insurance adjusters as there are a number of issues that homeowners face. Now is a great time to brush up on some of the common claims that may come through your insurance company’s door. With a little work now and preparation, in addition to assistance from a service, you’ll be able to handle all of your incoming demand. From damage inside the home, to outdoor issues, learn some of the top types of claims that occur in the winter, and what to do if you experience an influx in claims.

Indoor Damage

A common issue that homeowners face in the winter are bursting pipes. This occurs when water freezes in the pipe, changing the shape. So, why do freezing pipes burst? This change in shape leads the ice to expand, leading to a build-up in pressure. After a duration of time, the pressure is too much causing the pipes to burst. Good insulation and leaving a faucet on a slow drip in extreme cold temperatures can help avoid this. Another unfortunate problem that happens in the winter are house fires. From an influx in candles, to overloaded electrical outlets, there are a variety of issues that causes homes to catch fire. For some, they may use space heaters and other unconventional ways to produce heat that lead to a fire.

Outside Mishaps

When homeowners fail to perform proper outdoor maintenance, it can lead to costly fixes. One of the issues is broken gutters. If leaves and debris are not cleared before winter, they can clog gutters. After rain and snow, water will begin to pool and freeze in them. When this happens, gutters will sag and eventually break. Not only are customers having to pay for this fix, but likely issues with their roof as well. Windy days can also be problematic for homeowners, too. During hectic snow storms, winds can pick up debris outside that hit the top or sides of a home causing damage. In other cases, when there is one inch or more ice on a roof, it is more likely to cave in. Trees can also become overloaded with ice, causing branches to break that can fall onto a house. Discover More Here if you are looking for services to maintain and rebuild your landscape. 

Experiencing an Influx in Claims

Depending on the type of winter an area has, there may be an influx in claims. The best thing your insurance company can do is to be prepared. Make note of your season last winter, and the issues you may have had. You should also ensure you run an organized operation with procedures in place. If you find your business getting behind or having trouble keeping up with demand, did you know you can work with a claims service to assist with your overflow? They can provide adjusters to help address claims.

Are you having increased work flow? How to get assistance with insurance claims is important to learn. To help, contact the experts at Aspen Claims Service. We offer a wide variety of services for your insurance company. Call us today at 888-819-5904 to get started.

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