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How Claims Adjusters Should Approach Rare or Uncommon Property

Claims adjusters have a career that is based on research and investigation. In some cases, a specific piece of property or a vehicle might be rare, creating a new experience for the adjuster. If you have a client that has filed a claim, that includes something uncommon or rare, it is important to know the steps to take to ensure they receive a fair amount. Learn how to get started with a rare claim, tips for working with your client, and how to work as an independent adjuster if you are hired by a person looking for a second opinion.

Getting Started

Accidents happen every day. As an insurance adjuster, it is probably second nature at this point to go through all the steps in the process. However… what happens when you are faced with finding the value of something rare? It can be a challenge. After your initial conversation with the client, your work will begin.  While working closely with the client, you will need to be prepared to do additional work and research to educate yourself on the item. This research will include:

Working with the Client

When you are working with a client that owns a piece of rare property that has been destroyed due to an accident, it is important to assure them you are working to find an honest amount. You have to remember—in the back of their mind, they are looking out for their investment.

In the initial claim, you may not realize how rare a specific item is unless they tell you. Whether they do or do not, once you are in your initial stages of research, you will quickly realize it is different. As you continue your research, make sure you have all details about the accident and as much as you can from the owner. This will help you find a fair amount of their claim or to determine if the property is a total loss.

Working as a Personal Adjuster

In cases where a piece of rare property is damaged or destroyed, you may be approached to be the second opinion on an existing claim. If a client feels their original amount or decision is unfair, make sure to get all of the information about the original case as you can. Also, be sure to go in with an open mind without letting the existing response play a role in your decision or research. As you work, you can keep in mind any flaws they felt were made and see how you can find other solutions for them.

At Aspen Claims Service, our team of experienced adjusters can assist with any uncommon or rare situations your customers are faced with. When your area or firm is faced with an increase in claims, having a team that can step in to help with longer, ongoing, and rare claims will reassure those customers. Make sure your team is experienced with the frequently asked questions about property claims and call us at 888-819-5904 to see how we can help with your claims.


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