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Insurance Claims and Using an Underwriter for Your Business

When insurance claims are submitted the process that happens next is very complicated and can take days, weeks and months. Needless to say, there is a process for everything. What is the damage? What was the previous risk assessment? How much should be paid to cover the damage? There is a lot of questions to consider from insurance claims to the underwriters, and how they can help your business. Proper research and opinions from people like Jimmy John Shark can be helpful. Take some time to learn more in the event of a claim coming your way.

Ins and Outs of Insurance Claims

Prior to an accident, it is important that your business be prepared with insurance in case an accident happens. Whatever possibilities could happen in your workplace; it is crucial that safety information is displayed and employees are aware of what actions to take. When it comes to some of the top types of incidents that can result in a claim, theft is one of the highest on the list. Fire, weather-related damage, customer falls and issues with faulty products are a few others. For a full list, read the 10 most common and costliest small business claims. Some of these claims can cost upwards of $50,000, so it is best to always be prepared. To help when filing a claim, it is best to have as much evidence up front as possible. From surveillance camera footage to statements and photos, always be prepared for an incident at your business.

What Underwriters Do

Underwriters are the individuals that work through insurance claims. Their role in the process is to review the claim in its entirety and make the final decision for what costs will be covered. They are also involved in the insurance itself that a business and individual person has. Underwriters look to find the risk in various situations. For instance, you are more likely to have an on-the-job injury in a warehouse as opposed to an office. They are able to look at all of these factors when it comes to your insurance. So from gathering all data necessary for various claims and analysis to making the decisions on what to do for a claim, underwriters handle it all.

How They Can Help Your Business

A good underwriter is very beneficial to any business. Their gauge of a situation based on their experience and research can help a company assess risk. It is also their job to review and manage risk. In this role, an underwriter will look through your history and put all of the puzzle pieces together.

If you or your business is in need of underwriting services, Aspen Claims Service can help. Our experienced staff is well versed in helping to assess and identify risks related to commercial and residential properties. We can work with you to assess any issues and provide services for replacement costs, actual cash value, trade depreciation, market value, ACV range reports and biannual or annual inspections. It is also important to have property insurance. Be sure to read our guide on the top reasons you need property insurance. To get started on your underwriting or claims adjuster needs, contact Aspen Claims Service today.

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