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Working with Businesses on their Damage Claims

According to Utility Saving Expert, whether you are a new insurance company, bringing on commercial to your agency, or are looking to expand your knowledge—the world of commercial damage claims is large. Establishing great relationships with your commercial customers is the key to success for a long future together. It is important to take the time to ensure you are providing great service by understanding various types of claims, working side-by-side with clients, and utilizing adjusters as needed.

Most Common Commercial Claims

When it comes to common types of claims submitted by commercial businesses, theft cases top the list. This can lead to millions and millions of dollars in lost materials both for small business, such as convenience stores and coffee shops, to large establishments like offices and retail stores. For the best business related information, 

Next on the list are weather claims. It is common for businesses to experience a variety of weather-related issues including hail or wind damage, as well as tornadoes. In the colder months, businesses that do not properly cover pipes can have to deal with frozen pipes.

Fire is also destructive. It can occur due to a variety of reasons and be as simple as fixes needed to be fixed in a contained area, or total loss. Companies should also be protected in the event of customer injuries or damage.

Working with Customers

Anytime a business owner has to put their business on hold due to an accident or event, money is being lost. The quicker the issue can be resolved will get the company back up and running. One of the best things you can do is be proactive and develop relationships with customers before they have an incident to report. This can be through periodic calls to help them understand their insurance or check in on coverage needs. Many insurance companies have started newsletters or blogs to help give their customers valuable information. Ideas can be explored in the three ways to retain insurance customers.

When they call to file a claim, work with them to swiftly work through the problem. Gather all the details and review their claim—and work to get an adjuster out as soon as possible to assess the damage.

Utilizing Adjusters

A great way to help save your insurance agency time and money is utilizing an adjuster service. This saves time as you can go to a trusted source to manage the assessment rather than having them on your payroll. Along with their expertise also comes trusted brands that help them do the job quick and accurately. Between this and being able to reach someone at all times of the day, every day, your insurance agency will save in the long term.

For an adjuster your agency can trust and rely on, Aspen Claims Service has you covered. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, our team covers any insurance company within the contiguous 48 states. Our adjusters have the attention to detail needed to compile a successful report. See how we can help you by calling us today at 888-819-5904.

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