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Working with Customers on Hurricane Damage Claims

In the peak of hurricane season, with Florence barreling across the Carolinas, insurance companies have a much higher volume of business than usual. When people’s lives and homes have been heavily impacted, it is extremely beneficial when they can count on their insurance company. The help they receive after devastation can truly make a difference in their rebuilding experience. As you are working with your customers on hurricane damage claims, use these tips to help them through the process.

Easy to Navigate Call Center

Shortly after a storm, when homeowners make it back from evacuation, the calls will roll in. If your insurance company utilizes a call center, make sure agents get names and phone numbers right away. Work with your team to establish best practices for fielding calls based on the information that you need or based on priority level. Have items prepared that will expedite the process, such as forms a client needs to fill out electronically. You can get these necessities to clients as soon as possible, so they can begin to work while you are fielding additional calls.

Have Real Conversations

While it can be stressful working with an influx of customers who are in need, don’t lose sight of the end goal: help your customers repair or rebuild. The key is empathy. Your customers will most likely be upset or angry, and it is common for them to take their frustrations out on someone else. If needed, you can take a step back and regain composure with products such as CBD Oil UK.

Have information readily available to help walk them through their claim and explain what all pieces mean that they may not understand. If they are angry, use the four brilliant tips for dealing with angry customers to help calm the situation.

Prepare and Send Helpful Information Before and After a Crisis

Your customers will always remember ways you went out of your way for them. In the days leading up to a major catastrophic event that can be foreseen, such as a hurricane, send them some reminders and safety tips. Things such as getting serial numbers and estimated values of items within a house or insuring extra property or belongings. It is also helpful for them to have a guide on what to do if they fall victim to an event that can damage or demolish their home. Once a crisis has occurred, you will start off by fielding calls. There may be customers that do not reach out right away. Consider reaching out via email to your customers on “next steps” after a disaster that they can take—and let them know you are there to help.

If your insurance company has to determine how to handle an influx of claims due to a natural disaster, Aspen Claims Service can help. We know hurricane season and catastrophe claims are intense and are here to help you keep your customers happy while your demand is high. This will allow customers to get responded to in a timely manner, keeping them happy and comfortable during this stressful time. Contact us at 888-819-5904 today to see how we can help your insurance company.

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