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Guide for Expanding Your Agency and Team of Insurance Adjusters

November 28, 2018

The goal of any successful business is to provide excellent customer service and grow. When there is growth at a company, it provides excellent benefits and morale for its workers. If your insurance agency is ready to take the next step, there are a few ways you can plan for growth. From increasing staff and creating an efficient work environment, to utilizing outside insurance adjusters, use these tips as you make your plans to expand your company. 

When to Consider Increasing Staff

As an employer, business owner or manager, it is important to know the signs of growth. Growth is great for a company, but in some cases, employers burden employees with larger workloads when the company does not adjust. This reduces employee morale as high workloads can lead to long hours and create a hectic environment. These are the times that employees begin to job search, which can increase your turnover rate. As these issues happen, it also can lead to bad customer service. When employees are overworked and rushing, they may rush through client needs just to get through the load. Avoid all of these problematic situations by working extra staff into your budget. You want to identify this as soon as possible before problems occur. 

Tips for Efficient Work Environments

In addition to expanding your business, finding more efficient ways to get the work done is key. This will help your team spend more time working with client needs and less on the mundane, routine work. A great way to start is by identifying optimal work styles. Do you know how each person on your team likes to work? Identify these and create an environment open to workstyles to enhance productivity. Next, find software or procedures that can be automated. Last, make sure your business has an efficient organizational structure. Important files or documents need to be easy to find and safely stored. 

Utilizing Outside Insurance Adjusters for Help

Insurance companies are there to support those in their time of need. When something goes wrong, your team is there. In some cases, there may be disasters or catastrophes that increase calls. In this case, your company may not need to hire permanent adjusters, but additional help is needed. In this case, or when workloads are high, consider using a claims service. Their team of adjusters can come in to help with added workflow for as long as you need. A claims service has expertise in rural and urban environments, in a variety of situations, allowing them to jump right in to help when needed. This help keeps a steady, but not overwhelming workflow for existing staff and great experiences for customers. 

For a great team that can help you expand your business, contact Aspen Claims Service. We offer a variety of aid, from daily and catastrophe claims assistance, to help with underwriting, reinspection, large loss, and on-site branch assistance. This is especially beneficial for insurance companies handling an influx of calls due to a large emergency. Contact us today at 888-819-5904 to see how we can help your business grow. 

Signs Your Company Needs Assistance with Property Claims

November 14, 2018

The insurance business is always unpredictable. As an industry that functions by helping others during a time of crisis, it can be difficult to plan throughout the year. It is impossible to foresee weather or other natural disasters, so when they strike in large losses, it can be hard to keep up with demand. When your insurance company falls behind, so does the quality of your service for your customers. Be sure you recognize the top signs your insurance company may need assistance with property claims. 

Difficulty Keeping Up with Demand

It is normal to have a spike in business here and there that require some extra hours by staff. However, there comes a point where it may seem impossible to keep up. When this happens, the quality of service drastically decreases for your customers. When there is a large increase in business, using a claims service will help keep your business successful. So how does it work? A claims adjuster service will help at all hours of the day or night, seven days a week to work with customers and generate a report. Experienced in the basics of property claim adjusting and more—they will work with your schedule, which will keep things business as usual. When compiling these reports, the agency will work with you to ensure they meet your business’ standards. 

Outdated Software

Updated software and computers are the keys to efficiency in any business, especially when it comes to property insurance. When your software delays the process to complete work, or puts together poor quality, it is costing your insurance company valuable dollars. Using a local claims adjuster may provide you with the following three beneficial services: 
  • TruReview™: This platform is an ideal way to ensure all of your insurance claims are handled within 30 to 60 days. It also helps to create a client-facing report that is easy for them to understand. 
  • ProEd™: Keep your adjusters and contracted adjusters on a consistent routine with ProEd. This training program shares the latest information with staff to keep them up on industry trends. 
  • ReScope™: For any of your business’ reinspection needs, ReScope has you covered. It will help show the differences in pricing, as well as audits. 

Poor Organization

Did you know you can utilize a claims adjuster for administration assistance? When your business is not organized, it leads to clerical errors, customer dissatisfaction, lost files and much more. If your business falls into this category, a claims service can use FileTrac to speed up duration of claims, increase the amount of communication with the client, provide a secure connection, and much more. You will be able to see your claims at any time of the day in real-time and create valuable reports. 

If your business is experiencing any of these red flags, contact Aspen Claims Service to help. As a full-service operation, you can rely on us to help with all aspects regarding property claims. When your business is successful, so are your customers. Call us today at 888-819-5904 to see how we can help you.                                 

Working with Customers on Hurricane Damage Claims

October 31, 2018

In the peak of hurricane season, with Florence barreling across the Carolinas, insurance companies have a much higher volume of business than usual. When people’s lives and homes have been heavily impacted, it is extremely beneficial when they can count on their insurance company. The help they receive after devastation can truly make a difference in their rebuilding experience. As you are working with your customers on hurricane damage claims, use these tips to help them through the process. 

Easy to Navigate Call Center

Shortly after a storm, when homeowners make it back from evacuation, the calls will roll in. If your insurance company utilizes a call center, make sure agents get names and phone numbers right away. Work with your team to establish best practices for fielding calls based on the information that you need or based on priority level. Have items prepared that will expedite the process, such as forms a client needs to fill out electronically. You can get these necessities to clients as soon as possible, so they can begin to work while you are fielding additional calls. 

Have Real Conversations

While it can be stressful working with an influx of customers who are in need, don’t lose sight of the end goal: help your customers repair or rebuild. The key is empathy. Your customers will most likely be upset or angry, and it is common for them to take their frustrations out on someone else. Have information readily available to help walk them through their claim and explain what all pieces mean that they may not understand. If they are angry, use the four brilliant tips for dealing with angry customers to help calm the situation. 

Prepare and Send Helpful Information Before and After a Crisis

Your customers will always remember ways you went out of your way for them. In the days leading up to a major catastrophic event that can be foreseen, such as a hurricane, send them some reminders and safety tips. Things such as getting serial numbers and estimated values of items within a house or insuring extra property or belongings. It is also helpful for them to have a guide on what to do if they fall victim to an event that can damage or demolish their home. Once a crisis has occurred, you will start off by fielding calls. There may be customers that do not reach out right away. Consider reaching out via email to your customers on “next steps” after a disaster that they can take—and let them know you are there to help. 

If your insurance company has to determine how to handle an influx of claims due to a natural disaster, Aspen Claims Service can help. We know hurricane season and catastrophe claims are intense and are here to help you keep your customers happy while your demand is high. This will allow customers to get responded to in a timely manner, keeping them happy and comfortable during this stressful time. Contact us at 888-819-5904 today to see how we can help your insurance company. 

Working with a Claims Service to Assist Wildfire Customers

October 17, 2018

This year, 2018, has been record-breaking in terms of wildfires. In California alone, the devastation is so severe that more than 1,000 homes have been destroyed. This has displaced so many homeowners and has left others trying to find ways to fix damage caused. As a result, insurance companies across the country are working hard to address the influx of claims that come in each day. As an insurer, it is crucial to provide customers with a great experience during this stressful time in their life. Learn more about the 2018 wildfires and benefits of using a claims service to help keep up.

Wildfires of 2018

There are been more severe fires in 2018 than previous, which states a lot given each summer fires are common on the western part of the country. Nearly six million acres have been affected, which has hurt wildlife, displaced residents, and several other issues. Some of the critical fires have been:
  • Mendocino Fire: Noted as the largest fire in California’s history, the cause of this fire is still unknown. Destroying almost 300,000 acres, this fire has led to several homeowners to flee during mandatory evacuations and unfortunately has taken more than 20 lives.
  • Carr Fire: Just under 100,000 acres from the Mendocino fire, the Carr fire has demolished over 1,000 homes. It’s been noted to have been caused by vehicle issues. That, factored with high winds, has caused intense destruction.
  • Cranston Fire: The Cranston Fire has caused more than 13,000 acres to be destroyed, including 4,000 houses. This fire was due to an arsonist. There was a man charged with starting 11,500-acre Cranston fire, eight others; Idyllwild authorities optimistic about blaze’s containment.

What Causes Wildfires?

Throughout devastation, it is hard to believe that fires can be helpful to the environment. Fires can remove brush and promote growth in areas. It can eliminate diseases in an area and restore important nutrients crucial to growth. However, their destruction causes devastating consequences. For causes, humans are the leading causes of fires. Following humans, storms and wind factored with other elements are a common cause, as well as volcanoes.

Tips for Working with Customers

During extreme events such as wildfires, your insurance company will likely receive an influx of claims. It is important that you have a plan in place to handle them. Answer calls and address clients in a patient and calm matter. Even if they are frustrated, understand it is because their livelihood is damaged or destroyed. Take some time to learn about wildfires in the United States and discussing property insurance with customers.  

If your insurance company is trying to keep up with the demand from customers in a wildfire, Aspen Claims Service can help. Our team of experts can quickly help you keep up with demand and give your employees adequate attention as they try to find a solution to devastating natural events. Using the latest in technologies, we’ll provide your team with the assistance you need. Call us today at 888-819-5904 today to get started.

Ways Your Insurance Company Can Get Assistance, Especially for Natural Disaster Claims

October 3, 2018

Natural disasters are occurring all across the country. From the fires affecting the northwest part of America to the debilitating hurricanes that are barreling through the southeast, this can be an incredibly busy time for insurance companies. Assisting customers is a top priority, and with so many in need, it can be a lot to keep up. In order to help your customers in a timely manner, there are a few tips that can help you manage claims and help your customers. Learn more about peak times for claims, handling hurricane and natural disaster claims, and how to find additional adjusters when you need them.

Peak Times for Claims

Each season for each part of the country brings different types of claims. In late fall through early spring, many parts of the northern states are affected by snow and ice. For other states further south, they may experience smaller amounts of ice and snow that can lead to accidents and damage when the area is not accustomed to this type of weather. During the summer, many parts of the country are effected by thunderstorms that can include hail, lightning, and flooding. There is also hurricane season, which lasts from early June to late November. For areas experiencing drought or long periods of heat, it can make areas more susceptible for wildfires. Much of this occurs in the west part of the country but can happen anywhere when weather conditions help to encourage it. Learn more about where and when do wildfires occur through ThoughtCo.

Hurricane and Natural Disasters

This year has been particularly intense with weather across America. Hurricane Harvey caused devastating floods in Texas, and Hurricanes Irma and Maria cause large amount of devastation in the Caribbean, then all along the east coast of the country. When your insurance company is experience an influx of claims due to large catastrophes as what we have currently seen, anything you can do to prepare your employees ahead of time—the better. With hurricanes, you do have the advantage to plan for a large number of requests and how you will tackle them in. In many other cases, it is important to have plans in place to be able to manage a large number of requests coming in at once.

How to Find Additional Adjusters

During many times of crisis, you may not be able to get your field of claims adjusters out quick enough. In situations such as Hurricanes Harvey or Irma, where millions of Americans have been affected, it can be difficult to have all of your adjusters in the field quickly. This is the ideal time to work with a claims service that can help provide additional adjusters to assist your team. If you are currently struggling with the demand due to the current disasters, there is help available.

If you are in need of additional adjusters to assist with the needs of your customers, Aspen Claims Service can help. We have a wide list of services, from daily insurance claims and catastrophe claims to underwriting and branch assistance, our team is here to help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout the continental United States. See how we can assist your insurance company at 888-819-5904.